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Childhood without a child is a wall of memories, with slightly decorated shelves, scattered with specs of emotions. A child without childhood is a hostage to a path of emptiness, heading for a future without benchmarks, within a destructured emotional environnement. This alchemy of child and childhood is the source and objective of the research in the art collection “les héritiers” (the heirs).

The large photos bring the children along meaningful surroundings. Dressed in white, an artless clothing, they wear their own innocence. They pay attention to the given directions. Around them, objects and elements are layed down and forced upon them. Together, they bring an undeniable presence . Constantly renewed gazes, forever immortilised.

Both critical and self-satisfied, their behaviour reflects our actions. Adults’ support, this intergenerational link will become this stony bridge to step across in full confidence, or a bridge made of lianas swept by raging winds.
These eyes, windows of the soul, might give us an answer. Let us hope for a vision, where surprise coming from nature and childhood will also divert us from our convictions.

The art collection “les héritiers” (the heirs) aiming for the children of the world is a testimonial for each one of them.