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The series ” Les Héritiers/ The Heirs” is the fruit of a long thought process and of a project initiated in France in 2013.

The need to travel and meet children became obvious. It gives this project its true meaning. Travel involves discovery and curiosity and naturally becomes compelling.  We are predisposed to discovering other parts of the world.  It is a natural act and a mental need.  Travel reforms rigid views by challenging long held beliefs.  Is there a better way to stimulate our emancipation?


Crédit photos: Hava Gozukucuk

Travel is first accepting to look at oneself in a mirror.  Our lessons, our actions, our interests distance themselves. The different landscapes from one country to another are absent from my portraits. The breeding ground for my works is the synthesis of images and feelings.  We move forward with a vision and a perception which are limited.  Language barriers fall when eyes speak.  The eyes of a child are like a colourful map of roads and paths.  They accompany my journey and I return from each trip with my mind full of images and information. It is a source of vital importance for the realization of photographic works.